Markers and velum

This is such a fun medium; very painterly. I wish I had tried velum ages ago. I have a lot of ground to make up. 


Should I really being posting this? Debatable. 


Engines in the Sky

This is a quick painting that came out of some brainstorming for a game about a boy flying on giant paper airplanes. That game never happened but some of the story ideas found their way into Fetch. Weirdly this painting is very much like some oil paintings I did in college over a decade ago. I think that's the first time something from my career in games has been so similar to something I did for myself. It would be great if that happened more often.


Odds and ends from Drawn 3

This is process and/or unused work for Drawn 3: Trail of Shadows. This game was a real learning experience because I had to work in a painting style that was pretty unlike anything I'd done before. The other artists on the team were virtually all trained at Art Center in Pasadena and all crazy talented.

The Park, The Pitch

These are sketches for a game I pitched called The Park. The avatar/protagonist is a little girl trying to rescue her baby brother who's been kidnapped by a gang of thuggish ghosts. The wonderful Machinarium was a big influence here.